What is energy? When do we use energy?

This digital booklet produced summer of 2010 is an example of how Haldor Lønningdal, editor & producer of IKT Forlaget (ict21st) believes the future school books will be. Some basic text, but with additional images, videos, tasks and links to the www. Also presented with an auditory version for poorer readers or for students from a different language culture.

The booklet ENERGY is cross subject, and it´s up to the teacher to find the best way to use it with the students / “best practise”. All of it, or just a selection, one subject / several?

The booklet was well received when it was launched, but it never got tested out in the
classroom. WHY?

  • Teachers can’t manage to link it into the curriculum
  • Too many teachers in the same class, all teaching their own subject, and therefore difficult to find time to sit down together and plan the use of it and at the same time linking targets from the curriculum
  • Teachers don´t trust their WiFi / general status of the ICT tools at their school
  • Teachers still want the book. Although the booklet is printable as well, one / several / all, they don´t trust web distributed material
  • Teachers lack general skills concerning ICT software, and although the booklet contains a lot of tutorials linked from the booklet, it´s regarded as very difficult and “out of reach”
This is some of the feedback we got, and as it was very disappointing it also gave us a good understanding of the general situation, and pointed directly at various challenges we have to take into consideration when we now plan new projects. Please have a look yourself, and leave a comment. And if you and your colleges want to test it out at your school we will be pleased. All we expect in return, is your experience. That is the only way we can all move forward.


Energy - Digital Booklet

Energy - Digital Booklet


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