Welcome to the Flat Classroom, a New Learning Culture

Never have the human race had better access to information, knowledge and tools for building new knowledge. Corporate, public service and individuals are now taking part in this digital “dance of knowledge”. What do I want to learn? Where can I search to find it, and what tools do I have? And how do I develop my critical sence?

Knowledge building – life long learning – Educating for the unknown – Learning in the 21st century; slogans that are becoming a reality, for some.

But not in school. Here the students still are to learn everything that’s in the book, from cover to cover, in a rigid system that gives no room for individuality, for developing the talents we all know we have, but with no arena for discovering them, based on plans produced once a year, like a straitjacket for both teachers and students.

We must create the space where we can handle the unknown – the world of possibilities. That’s where our future is.

ICT21st, for teachers and studentsICT21st, for teachers and students!
And what about the FLipped Classroom?