ICT Publish / ICT21st (web domains) were established last winter (2009/2010) and is an international version of the Norwegian company IKT Forlaget. The challenges regarding ICT is the same “all over”. That’s why we now present in English as well.
IKT Forlaget / ICT Publish got economic support from the Norwegian Government in August 2009, Innovation Norway, in the hope we should be able to increase the ICT knowledge of both students, teachers and parents if we could succeed in creating the digital school book.

<a href=”Publiseringhttp://www.screencast.com/t/Gg80VKU6E3Nd”>Publisering</a>

We believe we have made it. Based on the new principles of learning strategies for the 21st century, where we more than ever need to create an environment of curiosity and access to the World Wide Web, our Digital Issue is the first really digital book – or ISSUE – based on this new understanding in the world. Which is also printable. And with an auditory version as well, if some students should need it. Stimulating, and with tasks and tutorials. Join us in the way we work and think, and experience how nice it is to be a part of a learning culture, a life long state and membership. because you are curious yourself.

We produce 95% of the elements “in house”, and we design layouts and web solutions. We also work together with other companies, and have access to a great variety of products, like videos from the Norwegian National Broadcasting Company, NRK.

IKT Forlaget / ict21st does not produce web sites, and we are not an advertising agency. We produce content independent elements .


Some of our main tools:
From Adobe CS5: InDesign, Acrobat Pro, Premier Pro, Bridge, and PhotoShop, AfterEffects, in addition to 3D Issue flip magazine, Camtasia, Magix (Digital recording studio). The end products we produce are now customized for both PC, Mac and the iPad (Web-based solutions). We also have 2 digital camcorders, broadcast, one HD.

We perform video and photo assignments, prepare text and structure of information, set up customized Web site extensions which gives the customer greater flexibility at a low-cost. We also present at schools, events and at universities.

IKT Forlaget A/S Haldor Lønningdal
Editor and producer

Where? HERE

Videotest HD ItsLearning


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