Music Guitar and composing

“The split teacher”

Is it possible to be two places at the same time, giving meaningful instructions and help building skills and knowledge?


Because today, as teachers,  we have the tools and the knowledge, and then it’s just a matter of organizing. How?

MUSIC and guitar


PDF booklet


I teach music in four classes, 8th to 10th grade. I have a main ambition and that is to make every student looking forward to our “45 minute session per week music lesson” and that they really want to learn! They are all indivuals, and their skills vary from “very talented” to “I know nothing”. My tools, for my 25 students (average per class): 14 guitars, Computers, headphones and Internet connection, Video tutorials in how to use baiscs in NoteFlight and a Guitar booklet (digital PDF with embedded video and music elements, downloadable) Guitar PDF document. DEMO HERE

 Step One

 I have created a guitar booklet for beginners, a PDF document with embedded video and soundtracks,  where the students learn how to play the basic cords, in a system based on 8 bars practices. When it’s used online, the student can listen to me playing the practice first, then add drums and play along with my instructions. Two to three students can practice together using a laptop with speakers. They help each other. As it is a downloadable PDF it can be downloaded and installed on laptops and can be used wherever in the building, independent of our WiFi. Because it’s also online it can be used at home as well for those students who own a guitar.

The booklet can also be printed out, one page or all.

We start with me explaining and showing how the booklet is supposed to be used. That is their starting point for learning together / playing together in small groups, 2 – 3 students, approximately at the same level.

For those students who reach a certain level (being able to play 3-4 cords) I give the access to Internet and , a site where they can find songs with lyrics and cords/tabs. They print it out and start practising. They can also work together on the same song, 2 – 3 students.

MUSIC and digital composing

 All Digital in NoteFlight  

Video 2 (In Norwegian)


The students work on the computers using the headphones to hear my instructions and explanations, and for the first two lessons I can let them work on their own. They copy themselves what I show them in the tutorials.

My Time With The Students

This means I can spend most of my time the first two lessons with my guitar students and get them “going”. Important to have time to show and make them do the necessary adjustments som they get a good start. By the end of this session I can start to give them individual goals for their training, motivate and even play together with the groups to show tips for their own practicing.

When the guitar students have worked out the model for their own progress I can turn to my other group and do the same: explain, show how and start giving individual goals and exercises.

I get to know every students level and by this model I make an arena for individual progress and assessments, also opening up for students to cooperate if they can define for me “why”.


I want the students do be responsible for documenting their work and progress. We take photos and video, which is very helpful for me evaluating after school how both individual and over all progress is running. At this stage we start to discuss how we can use the new skills by planning performances (video) and composing music to be used in PP or in a video. That brings new challenges and reflection, and they need new skills ref PP and/or video editing.

Haldor Lønningdal
Editor & Producer


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  1. Katlyn says:

    Hello there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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