On this page we will tell a little about our projects and our experiences, both during a project period and afterwards. Hopefully we can include comments from both students and parents as well. It’s because of them we do this.


E – Safety is a project where we want the students to reflect over both positive and negative aspects about the digital life and the WWW (WorldWideWeb).
The students can work alone or in smaller groups.
The aim is to stimulate them to reflect over this important issue, and make them more conscious about the impact the digital life can have both on them and on those around them.
The project started on May 13th and last til June 10th 2011.

ENERGY is a digital booklet with some basic text, images, videos, tasks and links to external resources on the www. It’s also printable, and it comes with an auditory version for poorer readers / students from an other language culture as well. For additional assistance we have produced video tutorials / embedded links to existing tutorials.
This is a cross subject project, where the teacher /s can choose to use just a part of it or do the whole project. (So far no school has dared test it out. You can read more about that on the page ENERGY).


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